I am Giulia, a young ceramist currently working in Milan.

I was born in southern Brazil and raised in the small lake town of Como.
After studying in Italy, the United States and Great Britain, I finally graduated in Architecture from the Politecnico of Milan, and have worked as an architect, designer and chef in Lugano, London, Milan, and Barcelona.
Returning from a trip to Mashiko, in Japan, I started taking pottery classes in Barcelona and haven’t stopped experimenting ever since.

As the western world thrives on massive industrial production, I truly resonate with the oriental zen philosophy that appreciates the slow process of mingei (literally folk art) and celebrates each and every little imperfection that makes any crafted object unique (wabi-sabi). Embracing this way of thinking and combining a peaceful aesthetic with a functional approach, my work values the pure simplicity of everyday objects.

My pottery’s grammar is simple and pure: the earth is protagonist and its interaction with glazes is revealing.
I prefer to use mostly see-through glazes, so that the beauty of the natural shades of the stoneware is enhanced and appreciated in each slight variation.
Shape follows function. In my collections, functions are meticulously researched in the most traditional backgrounds, with the hope to be able to rediscover and tell an old story in a more contemporary language.