Giulia is a ceramicist with a past in architecture and kitchens. Currently based in Milan.

After discovering pottery in Mashiko, Japan, in 2019, the meticulous care for the aesthetic and the eagerness to seek beauty into each daily meal, all fell into place. Best said: into plate.

Deeply resonating with the oriental approach to the crafts’ art, Giulia is dedicated to the making of functional wares and to the importance of their pure and simple beauty.

Clay is the medium and the chore of the research. Rarely coated with covering glazes, it always shows in the final result to recall its humble origins: dirt.

All pieces are thrown with no use of moulds or fine tools for serial production, to give and preserve their personality.

Special clients and retailer:
Gloria, Milano
Ristorante Trippi, Sondrio

CARNERA, Milano _ find collection @Serra di Quartiere, Milano
wilden.herbals, Milano
sowll, Madrid

portrait by Luca Ballestra