wheel throwing classes | lezioni di tornio

An introduction to the charming process of making pottery, starting from the basics, aiming to the final product.

lesson I _ introduction to clay  _ short facts about stoneware and first encounter with the material, demonstration on the potter’s wheel and eventually first centering attempts.
lesson II _ throwing on the wheel _ lesson focused on shaping the cylinder -“after 100 perfect cylinders, you can move on to making other shapes” may not be 100, but this exercise will be essential to learn all the crucial steps of the process.
lesson III _ turning and trimming _ further work on the pieces turned during lesson II, now defining the shapes on the wheel with tools, plus eventual application of handles or small decorations.
lesson IV _ glazing _ application of glaze to the bisqued pieces using the pour and dip technique.

Each of the 4 sessions will last about 2 full hours.
Lessons are individual or for a couple of friends, to reach the best focus and keep the workspace quiet.
All materials, from clay to utensils, are included and will be available at the studio.
A small handbook, written and illustrated by me will be given as a class cheatsheet.

Classes can be booked for any weekday with starting time between 16.30 and 18.00 as the studio closes at 20.00.
Select your “size” below, purchase and send an email to book: giuliavalentinoceramics@gmail.com

Classes (and handbooks) are available in Italian, English and Spanish.