Italy means food, family, tradition, gatherings, variety and history: so many things that converge in the making of a great pottery history.

Great knowledge about customs of our ancient populations derives from the beautiful pots that archeologists have found. Decorations, shapes and raw materials reveal so much of the civilisation that produced those items: pots have been really telling stories for a long time.

The collection has its roots in an extremely rich panorama. Functionality is the most traditional component, but flexibility comes in and together with an extremely simple and minimal language bring the most authentic pots to the modern table.

日本   Japan

Japanese lifestyle is such a complex mix of contradictions, rituals, manners and aesthetics. Through time Japanese culture changed so very deeply: influenced by Chinese dynasties in early times, it then opened up to absorb greatly the character of western countries. An absurd, yet irresistible society is the final result of such a history.

In Japan it is taken for granted that people eat with their eyes as well, so sublime care is taken in presentation. In serving, great attention is given to colour and texture: Pots are selected to complement the food, always keeping in mind seasonal products, feelings and colours. 

The natural feel is key to a Zen aesthetic, embracing the imperfection as a hint of personality and uniqueness, this collection reveals traditional shapes and uses with a very pure and honest language. 

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