hakkō and the matics will be available for pre-orders this week!

Italia and Japan are SOLD OUT!     |    Custom orders can always be placed via e-mail.

New products will become soon. 
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Welcome to the shop!
All pieces available on the shop have been thrown, glazed and fired in my studio, Milan.
If you wish to purchase items that are currently out of stock, please contact me and I will tell you how long will it take for me to craft your desired pieces.

I use a variety of natural earths, which I glaze with few different finishes, soon the new palette guide will be available to better understand all the finishing options.

Delivery is available worldwide, get in touch if the system has trouble calculating your shipping rate, I will personally check and confirm the fares.
Studio pickup can be selected among the delivery options during the check out.

Out of stock


Out of stock