In a traditional ceremony, matcha is scooped, with a bamboo scoop – chashaku, 茶杓, from a special box into a katakuchi, 片口. With a chasen, 茶筅, a specific whisk crafted from a single piece of bamboo, the tea is whisked with a first bit of water, until the green liquid is frothy. Finished with more water and poured into the chawan, 茶碗 , the tea is ready to serve.

The teabowl should always show its “front” to the guest, its most pleasing aspect, its decoration or its beautiful imperfection. 

After drinking the guest cleans the bowl with a chakin, 茶巾, a special cloth, to fully admire the manifacture of the teabowl in its perfect imperfections.

This set includes all five utensils listed above and comes in a gift box with a presentation card.



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All products are thrown on the potter’s wheel and hand built.
Please, allow slight variations in dimension, color and texture.

All products can be cleaned in a dishwasher, however hand washing is always preferred.